How to carve the PERFECT pumpkin

If you haven't already carved your Jack-O-Lantern, we've found some great tips to make the experience perfect! 


1. Select your pumpkin according to your design. Choose a large, smooth-skinned pumpkin that is free of bruises and has a long stem. When transferring dots from a pattern, rub flour onto the pumpkin to make dots visible for carving. 

2. Carve your pumpkin a day or two before Halloween to prolong its life. Cut the lid at an angle, with the inside diameter smaller than the outsidde to prevent the lild from falling into the pumpkin when it ages and shrinks.

3. Scoop out the insides, leaving a 3/4" wall to make it easier to carve through. Wipe the inside with a mild bleach solution to prevent decay, and seal in moisture along the cut edges with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil.

4. Use colorful glow sticks for lighting your jack-o-lantern instead of candles. They are safer and last longer. Sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice inside the pumpkin to give it a spicy aroma.

Be sure to have fun & make memories!!


See you at the beach!