ADVANCE RESERVATION PAYMENT - We accept reservations up to one year in advance; however, rates are subject to change when a reservation is booked more than three (3) months in advance. We further reserve the right to correct and or adjust the published rates at the time of booking in the event that rates have been misquoted, due to human or computer error. 50% is due at the time of booking and the remaining 50% will be due 30 days prior to arrival.


CHECK-IN - Check-in is at 4pm, however during peak season it is not guaranteed. You will only be allowed to enter the property after it has been cleaned and inspected by Destin Beach Vacation Rentals.


CHECK-OUT – Check out is at 10AM. The locks will automatically change at 10AM and housekeeping will arrive shortly thereafter. A fee of $100.00 will be charged to the card on file if you are not checked out by 10AM.


FINAL DEPOSIT - For the final deposit personal check, cashier's check, cash, Visa and MasterCard will be accepted. Final deposit is due at 30 days prior to arrival. For bookings that are made with arrival of 30 days or less must be paid in full at the time of booking by Visa or MasterCard.


CANCELLATION POLICY - Travel insurance is available through RedSky Travel Insurance. If you choose not to purchase Travel Protection Insurance, you may only cancel 7 days after booking unless your scheduled to arrive in 30 days or less, then there is no cancellation once booked. Destin Beach Vacation Rental will not give refunds due to Technological and/or Man-Made disasters.


HURRICANE AND SEVERE WEATHER POLICY – NO refunds will be issued in the event of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, even in the event of a mandatory evacuation.


INCLEMENT WEATHER - Cancellation or early departure due to inclement weather does not warrant any refund.


GUEST SERVICES FEE – A non-refundable Guest Services Fee will be added to each reservation for administrative and processing.


AGE REQUIREMENT - The Property must be occupied at all times by an adult OVER THE AGE OF 25 for the duration of the stay.


MAXIMUM NUMBER OF GUESTS – At no time during your stay shall the maximum number of persons on the property exceed the maximum number of persons the advertised property sleeps, not including babies in cribs. Violation of this policy will result in immediate eviction from the property, with NO refund of rent, associated fees or taxes already paid.


PARKING – You and your guests may park in designated areas only.


PROPERTY ASSIGNMENTS -- We reserve the right to change rental assignments on short notice if a property is unavailable during the Rental Period, due to necessary maintenance and repair issues, removal of a property from the rental program, or any other changes and/or emergency conditions.


REFUNDS -- As set forth in additional detail throughout these policies, no refunds will be given for ANY reason, including late arrivals or early departures, inclement weather, maintenance and/or housekeeping issues, failures, outages or nearby construction noise.


FIREPLACES -- Not allowed for use by guest.


PET POLICY - No Pets Allowed


GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY - Quiet time for all properties is from 10:00 P.M. until 7:00 A.M., in conjunction with county ordinances. Please be mindful and keep the noise down during the hours of 10pm to 7am.


COMMUNITY POOL POLICY – The community pool is controlled and maintained by the homeowners association for the property. You and your guests must abide by all rules for use of the pool and the pool area.


OWNER AREAS - The property may have certain areas that are off-limits to you and your guests, including owners' closets and garages. Do not attempt to access these areas during your stay.


SMOKING - All of our properties are designated as NON-SMOKING. If any evidence of smoking on the Property is detected by Destin Beach Vacation Rentals Inc during your stay, or upon departure, you will be charged a fee of $350.00, plus any additional cleaning expenses incurred.


ENTRY - Destin Beach Vacation Rentals Inc staff may enter the property in case of an emergency, or in order to make repairs, alterations or improvements or to show the property to prospective purchasers, renters or contractors.


PROPERTY FOR SALE POLICY – In the event the property is listed for sale, we may need to show the property during your stay and will call to let you know in advance.


LINENS AND TOWELS - All necessary linens and towels are provided. Please DO NOT use these to remove any makeup, sunscreen, bronzers, or for cleaning purposes as this causes permanent staining, requiring replacement of the item. Linens and towels are not to be taken from the property to be used at the pool or on the beach. You must furnish your own beach towels.


AMENITIES - An initial complimentary supply of paper towels, garbage bags, bath tissue, and soaps are provided. Guest is responsible for the purchase of any additional supplies they may require during their stay.

INTERNET POLICY - Most properties have Internet/WiFi, however No Refunds will be given for connectivity issues or outages.


PROPERTY DAMAGE/THEFT POLICY - Destin Beach Vacation Rentals require you to report any damages you find upon arrival to our staff immediately. An active credit card is required on all reservations to ensure no damages/theft are done to the property that is not covered under the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance. By booking with Destin Beach Vacation Rentals you waive the right to dispute any charges that are made to your credit card for damages/theft to the property. Non-billing stipulations include but not limited to:

  1. No damage/theft to the property
  2. Rental is left in a neat and orderly condition
  3. No violations to any of Destin Beach Vacation Rentals policies

Destin Beach Vacation Rentals reserves all rights to bill the credit card on file for any violations of this policy.


CLEANING FEES – A cleaning fee will be added to all reservations, regardless of the length of the stay. These fees vary, depending on the size of the property. Professional housekeeping, commercial laundering of towels and linens, pressing of linens, and trash pickup/disposal. To avoid additional cleaning charges, we ask that you do the following before departure:

  • Leave grill rack in acceptable condition
  • Leave beds unmade, and pull back comforters on all used beds
  • Load and start dishwasher, using only dishwasher detergent
  • Hand wash all pots and pans, and put away
  • Sweep up excess sand
  • Place all used towels in bathtubs

Leave the property clean and ready for housekeeping at 10AM on the day of your departure.




LOST AND FOUND - Neither the owner of the Property nor Destin Beach Vacation Rentals Inc is responsible for lost or misplaced items, or those left behind by the guest.


FAMILY RENTALS ONLY- Under no circumstances will Destin Beach Vacation Rentals rent to anyone who is under the age of 25. No exceptions will be made.